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     Aside from being a video creative, I've also been a photographer for my entire life - from the first disposable camera my mother bought me to my first job as an inventory photographer for an exotic car dealership. Now, as a professional photographer, my goal is to make every shot I take & publish tell a story - leaving the viewer  to interpret it as they choose. My shots make people think & feel the subject deeply.


     My automotive work has been featured in a number of prestigious publications including Jalopnik, The/DRIVE, State Of Speed & Pit+Paddock. However, I'm not limited strictly to photographing automotive subject matter. My portfolio includes photos of Social Justice, Slice of Life and Nature, among other topics. In fact, the first shot seen below has been used in a Research Methods course at Columbia University School of Social Work as part of a lesson on "Photo Voice."

TITS (4 of 4).jpg

Human Interest

     Here you'll find a series of some of my favorite Human Interest shots. The locations vary from my neighborhood in Astoria, Queens to as far North as Montreal, Canada. There are titles for most of these, however, I prefer to leave them open to interpretation.

RBJ_Yasotuko_Shoot_ (80 of 154).jpg


It's so cliche to say but, Nature is so beautiful and I love to capture it whenever I can. The location of these shots vary from my terrace in Astoria, Queens to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

Backlit VIP.jpg


Passion is the most important renewable energy resource that not enough of us are invested in. I've blessed with countless opportunities

to make my avocation into my vocation.

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